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FAQ's about JJCustomKoa llc and Lumber

How did JJcustom Koa start?

  • In 1997 my neighbor introduced me to wood working by helping him make small koa boxes.
    Another neighbor offered me his mango tree, I bought an 066 stihl chainsaw, and JJ Custom Koa was born.

Where does your Hawaiian lumber come from?

My Acacia Koa, indigenous only to Hawaii, is purchased in bulk from dealers on the Big Island with past histories of responsible forestry.

My other Hawaiian lumbers are collected from homeowners, tree trimmers,and waste facilities.

Are you a wholesale supplier?

  • I sell Koa for small projects and wood working, not wholesale volume.
    Other local woods are usually in stock between a couple hundred board feet to a couple thousand.I specialize in working with you on your small wood working projects and offer full millwork to help at an hourly rate of $70.

What are your milling capabilities?

  • Mainly I do resawing to 16", wide belt sanding, jointing, planing, log-cutting capabilities are 36" diameter 14'lengths. Log cutting capabilities are being upgraded soon to 52" diameter 25'capabilities.

What does free tree removal mean?

  • I may be able to utilize your large tree. Tree removal will be done buy an insured and bonded company.

How will I get my logs cut to lumber?

  • I will soon be offering a flat rate to come to your location and pick up logs to be milled.

 What experience do you have milling?

  • I have over 40,000 hrs of hands on milling and self-taught methods with all the local woods of Hawaii. I use 7 different size blades and kerfs depending on woods being milled.
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