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About the fine Artisan Joseph Jossem and JJ Custom Koa llc

Having been raised in Hawaii, Joseph “Joe” Jossem, owner of JJ Custom Koa, was exposed to the arts from early childhood, his mother being a printmaker and illustrator. It seemed only natural, then, that his demonstrated attention to the details of the projects of his youth would mature into the results we observe in his woodcraft today.

After working in the shops of other artisans, Joe set up his own shop in 1998 and began producing unique boxes, humidors, furniture, and other custom crafted items of premium curly Koa. In early 2003, JJ Custom Koa relocated to Kapolei in order to expand its capacity to provide for the wood needs of its growing clientele.

Since 1998 JJ Custom Koa llc has utilized local lumber from tree trimmers, home owners, and waste facilities.

While other companies are finally thinking green we have been using salvaged
woods from Oahu in most of our products for 10 years.

  • When you purchase a product from us you will be supporting sustainable forestry products.
  • We incourage you to buy lumber from a reputable dealer or a certified source.
  • We offer milling for utilization of your trees.
  • We offer full wood working services and millwork.

Joe combines his skill and the use of proper tools and equipment with personally hand-selected premium stock, which itself costs over three times the common grade Koa in souvenir-type articles. Therefore, his signed pieces are regarded as treasures. To his credit, Joe has created coffee tables, end tables, decorative paddles, picture frames, quilt racks, and chests, among many other custom items. JJ Custom Koa also offers Koa lumber in 4/4, 8/8, and larger if requested, which can be milled and cut to specifications. JJ Custom Koa provides reliable stock at competitive prices.

Koa, considered a very hard wood, is a rare and protected species in Hawaii. The native wood is prized for its lustrous grain and beautiful range of colors from near black through red, orange, russet tones, to yellow and tones of gold. The graining, with its wavy lines and swirling color, gives luster and a sense of depth to Koa unequaled by any other exotic wood in the world. Curly Koa, properly milled and finished, presents a unique iridescence and a sense of depth, despite its durability. Although he specializes in Koa, Joe has also used mango, kamani, ohia, maple, and mahogany in many of his creations.

Each finely hand crafted Koa box and humidor is made from carefully chosen Koa wood and is finished with matching grains and tightly mitered joints. The sides of each box are made of one piece of wood, showing the grain of the wood wrapping around the box creating a unique, uniform look. The boxes are hinged with 5 mm barrel hinges, which add a delicate touch to the boxes, while remaining very strong and practical.

JJ Custom Koa’s creations are in private collections in Florida, New York, California, Washington and Illinois, in addition to Hawaii. His creations can be found at several small gift shops in Hawaii.

Custom items :
JJ Custom Koa llc will build virtually anything you desire out of wood. You can send me a picture or idea & I will create the schematic drawings that will recreate that idea. I also work with marble, granite, etc. to compliment the wood work.

Mill work:
JJ Custom Koa llc current mill works are 32'' scmi resaw 36'' scmi wide belt, 21''scmi planer ,16''scmi jointer , baker abxx custom re saw , 4'x8' cnc router capabilities, & 36 " hudson farm boss. All other small mill works are also available . Lumber is mainly sold 4/4, 8/8. Other sizes are available .We can mill 10,000 bf of koa into 1/4" pieces if you so need. Wood working and millwork are also available for stair cases, moldings ,railings etc.

Variety of Wood Available :
All local woods are utilized by JJ Custom Koa llc. Woods include but are not limited to koa, formosan koa, mango, monkey pod, kamani, false kamani, eucalyptus, monkey pod, ohia etc. If there is a specific wood you desire please email your request to Joseph. We may have it /can arrange to acquire it.

Special Services :
Millwork of trees to lumber is available .Also if you have a very large or healthy tree that needs to be removed , free tree removal is available and properly insured.

Laser engraving / cnc engraving is available up to 4'x8' working space.

Thank you to the many lumber customers of JJCustomKoa over the last 15 years.
Fine wood creations
meticulously designed
& uniquely handcrafted.

Address comments and/or questions
to info@jjcustomkoa-lumber.com
Cell: 808 206 2999

Service with Sincerity
& Fine Craftsmanship
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